Notch changelog




  • Make it impossible to delete the name of a page

  • Remove dates in the timeline element

  • Save preferred view for resource lists

  • Show PDF pages separately, not scrollable below each other


  • Pricing styling is off

  • Make proposition element responsive

  • LinkedIn URL is not accepted by field

  • Improve error messages for shared space input field

  • Message button of contact card doesn't show on mobile

  • Make ex-team members invitable

  • Remove company badges from user avatars

  • Increase the resolution of the logotype for the sales team

  • I cannot drag and drop a task from one toggle to another if the toggle is empty (no task)

  • External should always be able to click on a task to open it

  • Fix autoscroll for Ndraggable

  • Remove 'pending invitation' status for external users that are not invited yet

  • Message page view is broken

  • Can't close the upgrade modal as a free user whose trial has run out

  • Responsiveness is broken

  • Date picker in timeline is off in other timezones

  • User list for spaces owner, tasks assignees, and signature contact cards shows all users

  • Sometimes when clicking on the side of a space, the content jumps

  • Notch does not load immediately after typing in the URL

  • Remove restriction bar and restriction in branding for teams without a stripe subscription (mainly for the Notch teams)


  • Make job role optional for external users

  • PDF generator size improvement

  • Improve folder structure of the FE project