Notch changelog

New Space Lists + New Filter

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You can create private and shared lists to sort their spaces better. With our new Filter for advanced views, you can keep overview of all spaces much better

Bug fixes

  • Small typo on Tasks dropdown

  • Upgrade options, typo “Start trail” should be “Start trial”

  • Generic embed adds another Notch window inside the Space

  • Hidden Element is broken

  • Sended messages on mobile is not shown

  • Clients can edit everthing when joining the space via email invite

  • Not possible to create new tasks in task list element


  • Tiny Custom Domain Flow improvments

  • Responsive Design for offer table

  • Notification for Space View


  • New Navigation Bar Improvement

  • Space List Views

  • Refined Space Properties

  • Filter for Space

  • emoji List Component

  • Drag and Drop for Lists

  • Space Lists

Dev Task

  • Fallback for emojis that are not supported by the OS/browser

  • Improve space details API call

Some inbetweenerino

Smaller bugs and Custom Domain Improvements after soft launch

  • Custom Domain Follow up

  • Add Roadmap & Changelog to Help Widget

  • Activity tracking Issues

  • Contact should be selected on space creation in contact card and welcome element

  • Update copy to sentence case for the whole language file

CNAME Domain 🌐

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Use your own domain for spaces and provide a fully branded experience for your prospects


  • Custom Domain for Spaces

Bug fixes

  • Custom Domain should be accessible for Tier3

Customer Request/Bug

  • Tables do not load in Tasks

  • Task list content is not loading

Multi Element Selection

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Users can select multiple elements at once, drag and drop the whole selection, or delete the selection in bulk.


  • multi-select elements with shift (keyboard shortcut)

  • Multi Selection of Elements

  • Multi-Element Selection

Bug fixes

  • Delete selected elements on press backspace

Advanced Text Editor

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Extending our text editor options with more text styles, text alignments, quotes, checklists and multi-level lists.


  • Advanced text editor option

  • Checklist element

  • Quote Element

  • Customer Request/Bug

  • Canva Embed is gone after reloading

  • Tables do not load in Tasks

Dev Task

  • Clean up drag handle behavior on dropdowns

Bugging on heavens door ✊🚪

Improvements and Bug fixes

  • Custom branding color is not applied on the table, but the user would expect?

  • Multiple TextStylingBars in TextEditor

  • Spelling Mistake in Offer in German

  • Externals can not check optional items in the offer table

  • Recipientoption toggles are not shown in German translation

  • The offer table total calculation is not correct

  • Problem with saving entries in tasks

  • The cursor jumps to the last line when deleting the first bullet point in a text ed.itor

  • The “Who is signing” modal should popup before verification sending

  • Bugs in Offer Table

  • Allow Embed option for every link

  • New Permission Setup

  • Issue with text editor jumping when dragged between title and main text area

  • Overview Page: Steps have not been marked as completed the video still opens

  • Users are immediately redirected to the space with a "sign now" modal that prompts them to sign the page

Offer Table 2.0

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Get ready to elevate your sales with Offer 2.0. Now you can:

  • Enjoy automatic calculations for hassle-free billing.

  • Allow clients to select optional prices or choose quantities directly

  • Easily add taxes, discounts, or other fees to your prices.


  • Pricing Package Improvement

  • Remove Modals of first visiting of a external

  • Offer Table 2.0

  • Designs for text editor option


  • Remove Member List from Space

  • Change the ratio for all iframe embeddings

Dev Task

  • Clean up store/service structure

Sharing is caring 💌

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Our latest release is super exciting! We tweaked our sharing settings with a fresh new look and more intuitive setting options. Plus, we launched a dedicated Canva Embed Element right into your spaces. Get ready to make your proposals even more awesome!


  • Share Settings MakeOver

  • Canva Embed Element

  • Stripe Clean up


  • Modal improvements

Bug fixes

  • The date picker in the timeline was off in some timezones

Space creationist 👩‍🚀

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  • Remove companies everywhere

  • New space creation flow


  • Change icon for the template menu

  • Remove template shortcut overview in spaces


  • Comment file upload feedback

  • Trial modal is broken for the German language

  • Space creation flow QA: Templates cannot be saved and edited by the user

  • Notch does not load immediately after typing in the URL

  • Fix stripe sync of subscription (remove mapping of pricing to allow all pricings)


  • Delete banner from table space

  • Replace Clearbit Search API with Brandfetch Search API for branding search

  • Set up VAT-ID for customers in Stripe checkout

Release: Bug buster


  • Timeline events draggable


  • External people cannot be added or removed to/from tasks

  • No email sent feedback in signature verification

  • PDF export is blocked by popup-blocker

  • Email invalid check does not prevent the user from going to the next step in the modal

Release: Oh baby, I am dreaming of bugfixes


  • Change wording in signature and team overview element


  • Overview page: remove title "let's get started"

  • Remove coloring options for client logo carousel

  • Chat empty space is off

  • Change copy of chat to "chat with us"

  • Redirect user to overview page after new login

  • Entering hex code for banner does not work

  • Task changes are not being saved

Release: Getting started/space layout/modal improvements

changelog cover


  • Canva embed element

  • User can customize and hide all logos

  • Getting started page


  • Marking in modal closes modal

  • Modal improvements

  • Task modal with a lot of content shows bottom of modal not top

  • Scrolling within modals

  • Move "Templates" to the bottom of the menu


  • Reduce space in modal

  • Template modal - content and button jumps

  • Admin user are not able to edit spaces they are not in


  • Implement fixed size modal to improve the loading animation of tasks

  • Write documentation for modal

Release: Sunny 🌞


  • Delete company and people directory

  • User can switch cover banner between client and own banner


  • Save preferred view for resource lists

  • Make "Anyone with the link" default sharing option, instead of "Require an email address"


  • In the task list menu, the filter borders are not displayed correctly

  • The borders of the "Logomark" upload area and the "Banner" upload area look off

  • When user clicks on "Go Pro" he is forwarded to Stripe

  • Placeholder texts shown to externals

  • PNG thumbnail preview does not work in resource list

  • Task modal issue: When selecting upload or download file as action, it leads to endless loading

  • In the task list the dates are displayed as long format: Wed Feb 14 2024 00:00:00 GMT+0100 (Mitteleuropäische Normalzeit)

  • New version badge is not shown

  • Signature success modal responsiveness issues

  • Instead of logos, black rectangles are shown

  • Remove the Notch "Made in Notch" mark for AppSumo tier 3 licensed users

  • Content disappears


  • Downscale large images in the space




  • Make it impossible to delete the name of a page

  • Remove dates in the timeline element

  • Save preferred view for resource lists

  • Show PDF pages separately, not scrollable below each other


  • Pricing styling is off

  • Make proposition element responsive

  • LinkedIn URL is not accepted by field

  • Improve error messages for shared space input field

  • Message button of contact card doesn't show on mobile

  • Make ex-team members invitable

  • Remove company badges from user avatars

  • Increase the resolution of the logotype for the sales team

  • I cannot drag and drop a task from one toggle to another if the toggle is empty (no task)

  • External should always be able to click on a task to open it

  • Fix autoscroll for Ndraggable

  • Remove 'pending invitation' status for external users that are not invited yet

  • Message page view is broken

  • Can't close the upgrade modal as a free user whose trial has run out

  • Responsiveness is broken

  • Date picker in timeline is off in other timezones

  • User list for spaces owner, tasks assignees, and signature contact cards shows all users

  • Sometimes when clicking on the side of a space, the content jumps

  • Notch does not load immediately after typing in the URL

  • Remove restriction bar and restriction in branding for teams without a stripe subscription (mainly for the Notch teams)


  • Make job role optional for external users

  • PDF generator size improvement

  • Improve folder structure of the FE project

Release: 🧹


  • New Freemium - Stripe structure



  • Change return url for stripe

  • Enhanced loading indicator for PDF export process

  • Timeline green lines look off

  • Add timer to resend space invite

  • Some emails are blocked

  • You can assign people (internals/externals) to a signature that are already assigned

  • Add email validation in the Frontend for share space

  • Timer for resend email

  • Button in the welcome video is cut off


  • Clean up sendgrid

  • Clean up pdf-generator

  • Implement file size limits

Release: Mail deliverability 💯


  • Change email provider to postmark


  • Forbidden elements don't have the upgrade tag

  • Font of the "You have reached the space limit for the plan" looks too big/off

  • Typo in German space limit banner

  • Person signed, but is shown as pending invitation

  • Can't control rows when table element is extended to full width

  • PDF upload still not working

Release: 🔝

changelog cover


  • New pricing tiers

  • Feature restriction for all plans



  • Company picker doesn't work anymore

  • German list titles are mixed

  • PDF cannot be generated

  • Change pricing texts

  • Dropdown fields are typeable -> back from the grave

  • User list for spaces owner, tasks assignees and signature, contact cards shows all user

  • PDF export does not work on some pages

  • Delete in resource list does not work

  • Content library closes after uploading a file

  • Slack is broken


  • Replace productfruits welcome modal with native welcome modal

Release: Bug buster


  • File upload for space chat


  • Contact card and welcome card should show all team member available

  • Add success message on deleting tasks


  • Dropdown fields are typeable

  • Order of elements is broken in the template manager with toggles/accordions

  • Blur banner description to reduce confusion

  • Pitch presentation cannot be embedded

  • Tracking says "null null"

  • Sender logo not shown in notification emails

  • PDF upload does not work for this file

  • Page does not load for seller

  • Make pricing table columns "description" and "price" editable and deletable

  • PDF content has a huge gap on export

  • External user can add a task but not edit it

  • I cannot assign a buyer to the signature

  • Signature CTA is not responsive on iPhone 12 mini

  • Colleague was external and cannot become an internal now

  • Scrolling and saving issue

  • Replace demo video from YouTube to Wistia

  • Add BCC for invitations to send a user the invite link manually


  • Add possibility in Stripe to have a min seats setting

  • Improve PDF export page breaks and paddings

Release: Improve whitelabeling


  • Default brand colors are incorrect

  • Brand colors randomly apply, even if the user does not have access to the brand

  • Send invite email is not working

Release: Signature flow improvements and more


  • Signature flow improvements


  • Remove Made in Notch banner for Appsumo tier 3 & scale plan


  • Bookmark element styling looks off

  • Embeddings are cut off because the window is too small

  • Users can still click on restricted stuff in the whitelabel settings


  • Adjustable height for embedded content

  • Remove logic for migrating teams to stripe users

Release: Make Notch your own!

changelog cover


  • Branded workspaces for white labeling

  • Command line restructure

  • Help widget

  • Contact banner


  • Do not show Try Notch banner for internals after signature

  • Command line search improvements

  • When typing in command line, top element is hover selected


  • Welcome element should only allow internal user to be shown

  • Shorten the German text to "Übersicht der Deadlines"

  • PDF preview in carousel has weird behavior on zoom