Notch changelog

Bugging on heavens door ✊🚪

Improvements and Bug fixes

  • Custom branding color is not applied on the table, but the user would expect?

  • Multiple TextStylingBars in TextEditor

  • Spelling Mistake in Offer in German

  • Externals can not check optional items in the offer table

  • Recipientoption toggles are not shown in German translation

  • The offer table total calculation is not correct

  • Problem with saving entries in tasks

  • The cursor jumps to the last line when deleting the first bullet point in a text ed.itor

  • The “Who is signing” modal should popup before verification sending

  • Bugs in Offer Table

  • Allow Embed option for every link

  • New Permission Setup

  • Issue with text editor jumping when dragged between title and main text area

  • Overview Page: Steps have not been marked as completed the video still opens

  • Users are immediately redirected to the space with a "sign now" modal that prompts them to sign the page