Notch changelog

Release: Bug buster


  • File upload for space chat


  • Contact card and welcome card should show all team member available

  • Add success message on deleting tasks


  • Dropdown fields are typeable

  • Order of elements is broken in the template manager with toggles/accordions

  • Blur banner description to reduce confusion

  • Pitch presentation cannot be embedded

  • Tracking says "null null"

  • Sender logo not shown in notification emails

  • PDF upload does not work for this file

  • Page does not load for seller

  • Make pricing table columns "description" and "price" editable and deletable

  • PDF content has a huge gap on export

  • External user can add a task but not edit it

  • I cannot assign a buyer to the signature

  • Signature CTA is not responsive on iPhone 12 mini

  • Colleague was external and cannot become an internal now

  • Scrolling and saving issue

  • Replace demo video from YouTube to Wistia

  • Add BCC for invitations to send a user the invite link manually


  • Add possibility in Stripe to have a min seats setting

  • Improve PDF export page breaks and paddings