Notch changelog

Release: Sunny šŸŒž


  • Delete company and people directory

  • User can switch cover banner between client and own banner


  • Save preferred view for resource lists

  • Make "Anyone with the link" default sharing option, instead of "Require an email address"


  • In the task list menu, the filter borders are not displayed correctly

  • The borders of the "Logomark" upload area and the "Banner" upload area look off

  • When user clicks on "Go Pro" he is forwarded to Stripe

  • Placeholder texts shown to externals

  • PNG thumbnail preview does not work in resource list

  • Task modal issue: When selecting upload or download file as action, it leads to endless loading

  • In the task list the dates are displayed as long format: Wed Feb 14 2024 00:00:00 GMT+0100 (MitteleuropƤische Normalzeit)

  • New version badge is not shown

  • Signature success modal responsiveness issues

  • Instead of logos, black rectangles are shown

  • Remove the Notch "Made in Notch" mark for AppSumo tier 3 licensed users

  • Content disappears


  • Downscale large images in the space