Notch changelog

New Space Lists + New Filter

changelog cover

You can create private and shared lists to sort their spaces better. With our new Filter for advanced views, you can keep overview of all spaces much better

Bug fixes

  • Small typo on Tasks dropdown

  • Upgrade options, typo “Start trail” should be “Start trial”

  • Generic embed adds another Notch window inside the Space

  • Hidden Element is broken

  • Sended messages on mobile is not shown

  • Clients can edit everthing when joining the space via email invite

  • Not possible to create new tasks in task list element


  • Tiny Custom Domain Flow improvments

  • Responsive Design for offer table

  • Notification for Space View


  • New Navigation Bar Improvement

  • Space List Views

  • Refined Space Properties

  • Filter for Space

  • emoji List Component

  • Drag and Drop for Lists

  • Space Lists

Dev Task

  • Fallback for emojis that are not supported by the OS/browser

  • Improve space details API call